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Brand New Music From Bigger Thomas: "Under A Super Moon" EP

This year not only marks the 25th anniversary of my band Bigger Thomas, which we celebrated earlier in the year with the release of "Ska In My Pocket: The Biggest & Bestest of Bigger Thomas," but it also has represented a musical renaissance of sorts for me and my fellow Bigger Thomas band members. Between Bigger Thomas and our new musical project Rude Boy George, we've spent more time in rehearsal and recording studios during the last six months than we have over the last six years!

To further celebrate being a part of the upcoming 2-day, Apple Stomp ska festival here in New York City this coming weekend, we have just released "Under A Super Moon" which is a 2-song EP of brand new music on the Electric Avenue label (more on that soon). We have also recorded and contributed a cover of The English Beat's "Sole Salvation" for the forthcoming Specialized 2: Beat Teenage Cancer CD that will benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK. The two CD collection of 44 tracks worth of songs is now available for pre-sale.

The title track of the EP, "Super Moon" was inspired by and is dedicated to the memory of Tommi Infamous, the singer of New Jersey ska band Bomb Town.  The last time I saw Tommi was at a show we played in Brooklyn with him on the night of a Super Moon in March, 2011. Tommi was DJing and chatting over records and we were playing a live show. I watched his set after we performed. He was funny and weird and doing his thing. We caught up during a long subway ride back to Manhattan and talked about the unusually large and bright moon in the sky that night and how it might be affecting aliens, werewolves and animals!  The conversation stuck with me and I wrote lyrics to the song inspired by that unusual night.  Little did I know that it would be the very last timeI would ever see Tommi.

The "Under A Super Moon" EP is available as a digital download for $2 from Bandcamp.  My band mates and I hope you will consider giving it a spin and maybe even buying it (the price is right!).  Many thanks for your consideration!


Bigger Thomas – “Ska in My Pocket The Biggest & Bestest of Bigger Thomas”

Album Reviews | By on March 7, 2013

Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Ska
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Time flies doesn’t it? I had no idea that the NJ ska band Bigger Thomas has been around for 25 years! To celebrate the band’s long survival, Bigger Thomas has released a digital Best-Of compilation featuring 21 hand-picked tracks that best represents them. If you don’t own anything from Bigger Thomas yet, this is a good place to start!

I’ll admit that the only song I really knew from Bigger Thomas early in my ska life was the band’s hit “Ska in My Pocket.” I heard it on WVKR, Vassar College’s ska show that used to play it all the time. It’s a catchy tune and still one of my favorites from Bigger Thomas. Like most ska bands, it’s all fine & dandy hearing their studio cuts, but you haven’t heard a ska band’s true sound until you see them live. Once you see the band live, you’ll really know the songs and know them well. The band’s energetic stage presence and catchy 2 tone-inspired beats will make you want to get off your ass and dance the night away.

Besides “Ska In My Pocket,” there’s plenty of other songs that stand out of their 4 album discography. You got tracks like “I Can’t Remember My Name” featuring excellent toasting from Roy Radics, The English Beat influenced “Moving” and the reggae tune “Permanent Error.” I mention the English Beat for “Moving,” but you can clearly tell the band were influenced by them and other 2 tone bands. I mean, they do have a track called “Radics & Roger a Chat” after all.

This Best-Of collection is a good stepping stone to the band so after get this, be sure to check out Bigger Thomas’ other full-length releases. Plus, get your rudeboy ass to one of their shows!

Bottom Line: Awesome collection of ska tunes from NJ’s Bigger Thomas!
Notable Tracks: Ska In My Pocket, I Can’t Remember My Name, I Live At Home, Moving, Fun
Overall Rating:

The Duff Guide To Ska

Bigger Thomas Releases Compilation Celebrating 25 Years!

Starting out at Rutgers University in New Jersey in the late 1980s as Panic (after The Smiths song of the same name), but forced to rechristen themselves (after the protagonist in Richard Wright's novel "Native Son") when a cover band with the same moniker sent them a "cease and desist" letter, Bigger Thomas are now celebrating 25 years of making ska music in 2013. Thankfully, they're not showing sign of shifting into a lower gears any time in the foreseeable future.

Bigger Thomas is marking this significant benchmark--three founding members are still in the band: Roger Apollon, Marc Wasserman, and Jim Cooper--with a new, spectacular 21-track digital compilation released this past
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (also the second Inauguration of President Barack Obama) called Ska in My Pocket: The Biggest and Bestest of Bigger Thomas (available on Bandcamp for $7.00), which features key cuts from all four of their albums: Bigger Thomas (1989), Resisting Success (2004), We Wear the Mask (2005), and Steal My Sound (2010). Fans of 2 Tone (BT are heavily influenced by The English Beat in particular) and of the post-2 Tone NYC ska sound (best represented on NYC Ska Live compilation, which included two Bigger Thomas tracks) will have an instant affinity (love, really) for the band's fantastically upbeat and catchy songs (see "I Live at Home," "Fun," "Chucks" "I Can't Remember My Name," "Kings of the Club," "Moving," "Radics and Roger A Chat," their early hit "Ska in My Pocket," and many more).

As for new recorded tunes on the horizon, Bigger Thomas are in the process of putting together an EP's worth of songs (with Agent Jay of The Slackers, Reggay Lords, Crazy Baldhead mixing/producing), as well as a cover of The English Beat's
"Sole Salvation" for the forthcoming Specialized 2: Beat Teenage Cancer CD that will benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK.

Bigger Thomas have also been gigging as of late, with recent shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania (with The English Beat)--plus upcoming performances this week at
the Studio at Webster Hall in Manhattan on Thursday (1/31/13) and the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ with Inspecter 7 on Saturday (2/2/13). Rumor has it that there will be a giant Bigger Thomas 25th anniversary show sometime later this spring or summer. Make sure to catch the band in action. I've seen them many times and they've never failed to get an old ska fan like me dancing for most of their set (when I'm not videotaping parts of their performance, that is!)...